DUATO | SHECHTER by Staatsballett Berlin

“The art of not looking back” by Hofesh Shechter.
“Erde” by Nacho Duato.

The image I have in my mind is this huge tree. When I move is almost like the roots are coming out of the floor
Aurora DickieSolotänzerin
Nacho is extremely musical. For me his ballets are the perfect symbiosis of music and dance and I think the idea of the piece and the way that Nacho is interacting the music besides the choreography, makes it a coherent piece.
Aurora DickieSolotänzerin
“Progressive” is a good word to describe this work and this evening. I think it’s nice to see something that is happening in the world in a form of art. It is a distressing theme, but it comes also with a message of hope, that we can still do something about it.
Aurora DickieSolotänzerin

Ph. © Fernando Marcos – Staatsballet Berlin