[vimeo 208549765 w=1500 h=375]

A ballet de Gonzalo Galguera

Colombian Company of Ballet

Carl Orff

Darko Petrovich

Jerome Kaplan; Gonzalo Galguera

Video – Video Projections
Jacopo Castellano

Assistent Choreographer
Olga Ilieva

Premiere Compañía Colombiana de Ballet, february 2017,
Teatro Jorge Isaacs, Cali, Colombia.

Carmina Burana is presented with a videotrack created by Jacopo Castellano, italian Berlin-based designer.
The videotrack has the purpose to deliver a more comprehensive sensorial experience, offering visual hints that stimulate the audience in the development of its own mental images. At the same time, the music and the dancers, remain the unquestionable protagonists of the dance show, augmented by a new visual approach.

Sycronized in real-time to fit the musical composition and the analogic nature of the instruments, the videotrack is composed by a sequence of videos based on naturalistic or lifelike elements, colors and textures. The stage, with the scenography of Darko Petrovich, becomes an interface that discloses the elements of the visual composition progressively, following design principles that try to avoid the overload of information and remain constantly “in service” of the ballet itself.

The videotrack is managed during the presentation by a professional musician and designer, following a pre-written score and using modern techniques of video-mapping and light design.

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