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Hi, I am Jacopo

Coder & Designer

As a Python developer, I build scripts and solutions to optimize productivity
and streamline processes.

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As a video designer, I specialize in curating visuals for classical music concerts
and ballet performances.

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Coding Languages & Libraries

Python, Javascript, MySQL, SQLite, HTML, CSS, Git, React, Swift, p5.js, npm

Video Editing & Production

Using footage, sound and graphics to tell stories.

UX Design

Creating scalable, user-centric interfaces and experiences for web, mobile and automotive infotainment systems.

Jacopo Castellano - Work & Experience

As a backend developer, I specialize in creating scripts and automations to boost efficiency. My custom solutions address the unique needs of my clients, enhancing productivity and providing a competitive edge. My aim is to deliver value-driven solutions for their long-term success.

In the automotive industry, I worked as a Requirements Manager and Senior Designer on the creation of complex in-vehicle information and communication systems and HMIs, with a particular focus on requirements management, including planning, monitoring, and analyzing ASPICE-compliant processes and activities. As a backend developer, my specialty is writing scripts and automations to improve efficiency.

As a video designer, I have extensive experience working in the fields of ballet and classical music, where I was responsible for curating and directing the design of video projections and other on- and off-stage experiences.

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Classical Music (Pianist)

Piano diploma (2011), Conservatorio A. Steffani, Castelfranco V.to (TV - Italia)

Let's Connect

Ideas, Projects, Inquiries?

Feel free to write me at info@jacopocastellano.com

Design Tools & Technologies

Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Modul8, MadMapper, Isadora, Sketch, Figma, TouchDesigner

Video Projections & Mapping

Bending light on stages, walls, cardboard boxes and strange objects is one of my passions.